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Women's History Month

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

Well, what a month it's been. Understatement of the millennium Amy, I hear you say. Indeed. At the start of March I was setting out on two instagram challenges with gusto - March Meet the Maker and Women's History Month - half way through we all felt the walls beginning to close in and by the end we're all quite literally walled up at home. Sometimes change takes centuries, other times mere days.

For most of the women featured on my instagram feed this past month, change took time, sometimes agonisingly so. And the progress made by those further back in history was only added to in tiny increments over the decades and centuries. But they kept going, didn't give up (though I'm sure there were days when some of them thought, just pass me the wine and sod off).

Here are the pioneering women showcased on my feed this March. Click through on each portrait to a short bio. You can get to know more women in my portrait gallery which I intend to continue adding to as there are so many incredible women out there who deserve to have their story told and their achievements and contributions to society remembered. Roll on Women's History Month 2021 when hopefully we'll have emerged from our isolation pods, developed a Covid-19 vaccine and bridged the pay gap.

I'm always looking for more inspirational women to draw so please feel free to get in touch with suggestions!


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