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Amy Hood Illustration

Hi, I'm Amy! I'm a fine art illustrator based in London. I create vintage-inspired artworks that include fun-loving Lindy Hop dancers and portraits of inspirational women throughout history.


My work is greatly influenced by the specialisms I focused on during my Art Foundation and BA in History of Art many moons ago - namely costume design, vintage fashion, and Renaissance portraiture. My Lindy Hopper range has been inspired by my time learning the dance and by the music of the jazz and big band era.


All my illustrations are hand-drawn using pencil (graphite and colour) or Micron pen and edited digitally.

I have some fantastic stockists including the Museum of London and the National Archives in Kew. In 2022, I worked with the former to create an exclusive surface pattern design featuring objects from the museum's extensive Suffragette collection and in 2020 I worked with the latter to create a range of bespoke artwork for use on retail products that accompanied their exhibition, The 1920s: Beyond the Roar. I always welcome new enquiries, so if you have a project you like to get in touch about, please email me at:

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