Work Process

My relationship with paper and pencil started early - my first ever masterpiece involved covering my dad's diary with teeny tiny squiggles. As you can imagine, it was an immediate hit. From then on it really was pretty straight-forward - have pencil, will draw.


I studied for my Art Foundation Diploma at Wimbledon School of Art where I discovered costume design and the wonders of sewing. Costume still forms a solid basis for a great deal of my work; some illustrations are born purely out of the inspiration found in the folds or fabric of a garment. 


A degree in History of Art and Material Studies at UCL followed where I was able to indulge in the passion for art history I'd developed at school. Just like costume, many of my illustrations are influenced by Old Master paintings; either the composition or their use of light or model(s).


The itch to draw was still strong though, so I went on to join the MA in Children's Book Illustration at the Cambridge School of Art, and indulge my creative side.


Which I've been doing ever since.

About Me

I tend to work primarily in pencil (graphite or colour) or Micron pen as they're the medium I feel most comfortable with. I've tried paints and pastels over the years, but I never get the same satisfaction with them as I do with pencils and fine-nibbed pens.


Some of my work is a combination of pencil and/or pen, and Photoshop.


Most of my illustrations are A4 in size, simply because I like working small and in fine detail.  

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