Costumes of the World - Korea

These original, hand drawn illustrations are from my Costumes of the World collection and depict the traditional Hanbok style dress for men and women.


A hanbok (in South Korean 한복) or Chosŏn-ot (in North Korean) is a traditional Korean dress for semi-formal or formal attire during traditional occasions such as festivals, celebrations, and ceremonies. It is characterized by vibrant colors and simple lines without pockets. Although the term literally means "Korean clothing", today Hanbok usually refers specifically to clothing worn during the Joseon dynasty period (1392–1897). In 1996, the South Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism established "Hanbok Day" to encourage South Korean citizens to wear hanbok.


Hanbok consists of 2 main pieces. On the upper body, both men and women wear an garment called jeogori (저고리). The woman's jeo