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Dinah Washington jazz singer pencil portrait
Ruth Bader Ginsburg pencil portrait hand drawn
Vera Lynn singer pencil portrait
Ella Fitzgerald jazz singer pencil portrait handdrawn
Aretha Franklin pencil portrait handdrawn
Ella Fitzgerald pencil portrait handdrawn
Billie Holiday pencil portrait handdrawn
Pencil Portraits

A selection of self-initiated portraiture projects including a series of colour-pencil portraits entitled the Cathedral Series. Featuring three of music's greatest female singers; Aretha Franklin, Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday.
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Dinah Washington
American singer and pianist
Ruth Bader Ginsburg
American lawyer and jurist
Vera Lynn
English singer and entertainer
Ella Fitzgerald
American jazz singer
Cathedral Series
Aretha Franklin
American singer, songwriter, pianist, and Queen of Soul
Ella Fitzgerald
American jazz singer
Billie Holiday
American jazz and swing music singer
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