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Barbara Castle Rose Boland 1960s magazine cover
BLAST Magazine

Self-initiated Project: re-imagining the hugely popular Stylist magazine as a 1960's, illustrated women's lib editorial.
This imaginary edition is set in the turbulent and rebellious summer of 1968 when the women of Ford Dagenham went out on strike and set in motion the Equal Pay Act, Dolly Parton released her hit single 'Just Because I'm a Woman', African American sanitation workers marched on Memphis, Tennesse, and Norway appointed it's first female Justice of the Supreme Court.
1960s magazine spread bestsellers
Simplicity dress pattern 1968
Yardely of London 1960 lipstick
Rayette Straight Set spray 1960s
Maybelline mascara 1960s packaging
Dolly Parton I am a man Lilly Bolviken
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