Costumes of the World - Lebanon

These original, hand drawn illustrations are from my Costumes of the World collection and depict aspects of the traditional Lebanese dress for men and women.


Clothing traditions in Lebanon are as diverse as the ethnic composition of the country. Over the course of its history, it has been under the rule of the Romans, Persians, Greeks, Arabs, Ottoman Empires, as well most recently, the French. Each of them left a trace in the life and traditions of Lebanon. The woman in this illustration wears a colourful, embroidered skirt and a white veil, held up by a low tarboush (fez). The man wears the traditional sherwal (baggy trousers) and kubran (velvet jacket with gold brocade).


You can read more about traditional Lebanese dress here at and


Sizes available:

A5 / 210 x 148mm

A4 / 297 x 210mm

A3 / 420 x 297mm

All open editions, signed and dated in pencil.

Ready to be mounted and framed, each print is posted with a protective greyboard backing in a bio-degradable sleeve, and in a hard-backed envelope. A3 prints are wrapped in tissue paper and shipped in a postal tube.

Lebanon - Costumes of the World Art Print