Dolores Del Río


Feminist Pin Badge


Depicting Dolores Del Río (1904 - 1983), Mexican actress.


Each brooch is hand cut from shrink plastic so they can vary in size slightly, but are approximately 6 cm in height. They are coated with a clear acrylic spray coat to protect the finish and have a double pin style fixing with metal clutches on the reverse.

Your pin bagde will come attached to a printed card, wrapped in a little bubble wrap and tissue, and posted in a small cardboard postal box.




Dolores Del Río (1904 - 1983), Mexican actress.

Del Río was the first major female Latin American crossover star in Hollywood and considered one of the most important female figures of the Golden Age of Mexican cinema in the 1940s and 1950s. She had a long and varied career, appearing in silent film, talkies, television, on stage, and radio. Del Río starred in Madame Du Barry (1934), Journey Into Fear (1943), Las Abandonadas (1944) and The Unloved Woman (1949), to name but a few.


With the advent of sound, she acted in a range of film genres, from contemporary crime melodramas, musical comedies and romantic dramas. In the early 1940s, del Río returned to Mexico and joined the Mexican film industry, which at that time was at its peak. A series of Mexican films starring del Río, are considered classic masterpieces and helped boost Mexican cinema worldwide.


In the late 1950s, she became a main promoter of the Acapulco International Film Review, serving as host on numerous occasions. In 1966, del Río was co-founder of the Society for the Protection of the Artistic Treasures of Mexico with the philanthropist Felipe García Beraza and in 1970, she, in collaboration with other renowned Mexican actresses, founded the union group “Rosa Mexicano”, which provided a day nursery for the children of the members of the Mexican Actor’s Guild.


The Mexican American Institute of Cultural Relations and the White House presented de Río with a diploma and a silver plaque in 1978 for her work in cinema as a cultural ambassador of Mexico in the United States.

Dolores del Rio Pin Badge