Vintage Barbie Earrings


Barbie doll's first African-American friend character, Christie, was part of the new group of Talking dolls for 1968. The character appeared in the product line continuously for many years, though the original Christie face sculpt was discontinued in 1978. Christie is notable in that she was romantically linked with several male characters over the years. In 1970, she was linked with Brad, the Talking Brad doll even said "Christie is the greatest".

The doll was criticized as following American beauty standards instead of representing African cultural body image, representing only one tone of skin color, and because her sculpted features were seen to symbolize white standards of beauty. Christie was discontinued in 2006 when she was replaced by Nikki.


These earrings have been made from lightweight, durable plastic, approximately 2mm in thickness. The design has been printed onto the front and then sealed using a matte top spray coat. The back is plain white in colour. Due to the handmade nature of these items, every piece will vary slightly in size and colour.

The earring posts are silver plated stainless steel. The backs are made of acrylic and silicone rubber.

Your earrings will come attached to a printed card, carefully packed in a little bubblewrap and tissue paper, and posted in a small postal box.


Recommended Care

Should the earring posts lose their shine and become tarnished, carefully rub a little Silvo silver polish on them. Make sure to remove all residue with a damp tissue or cloth. Surgical spirit can also be used (sparingly) if necessary, to disinfect the posts.

Christie Earrings

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