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Okay, so the world has gone nuts and lockdown is going to be tough, but we can't give in to fear. All we can do is take one day at a time and keep going.

I'm no expert and I certainly suffer from my own fair share of worry, but in an attempt to help battle feelings of overwhelm, anxiety and upset I have designed a few FREE downloadable colouring sheets. I have chosen some of my favourite Lindy Hopping and Girl Power illustrations and turned them into fun print-at-home pages for you to get stuck into when you're feeling in need of a little calming colouring. So enjoy :)

I would love to see what you make of them!

- email me a photo of your creation to

- post on Instagram tagging me @amyhoodillustration and use the hashtag #colouronavirus

Love to you all. Stay calm, wash your hands and colour on. We will get through this.

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